Experience. Architecture.

Still Imagery

Still images can captivate us, motivate and stimulate us.  Beautiful, natural light and rich, realistic textures – landscaping that makes you want to step into the image.  Aerial overviews, street level vignettes, cutaways and so much more – Vividus can help you visualize the unbuilt and experience it before it exists.

Northstar back new
Westbild Courtyard wide
Level4 reading room closeup v01
IMG 6367
Render 02 crop

Video/Animation Production

Vividus works alongside a number of skilled industry partners to help in all stages of Video and Animation production.  Whether a fully animated piece or a mixed project with custom greenscreen integration, aerial footage tracking, motion graphics and more we collaborate across all stages to ensure our 3D environments are seamlessly integrated into an engaging story.

We are also seamlessly integrated with our sister company Tiny Vikings, which focuses on Motion Graphics and Visual Effects for Commercial, TV and Film work.  More more info visit the website or check our their Vimeo channel

Check out this piece below for which we worked alongside the creative folks at Dead Famous to show the future of Surrey's City Centre - 3 Civic Plaza

Virtual Reality and Interactive

Vividus is excited to bring high quality Virtual Reality to our clients – rolled out on numerous platforms and customized specifically for each project. 

Users can move freely through rooms or spaces and view from any angle or location. Interact with the environment to view different colour schemes, furniture layouts, floor plans and more. 

Virtual Reality outputs work seamlessly on iPads or tablets,  touch screen monitors, or by wearing one of the many emerging VR headsets for a fully immersive experience. 

Products include:

  • High quality, HD video
  • Still images suitable for large scale printing
  • 360 degree panoramas and videos
  • Real time walk throughs
  • Fully immersive VR with interactive features

Check out this demo project below